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Used Cooking Oil Services with Grand Natural Inc.

Grand Natural Inc. provides reliable oil recycling all across the United States. We help restaurants and other frequent users of cooking oil. While some see it as a waste, our business is recovering value from this resource in an environmentally-sound manner.

A lot of businesses don't know where to dispose of oil they use in their operations. Grand Natural aims to fix that. We provide businesses with top of the line grease bins at no cost. Customers have a choice between indoor rolling bins and outdoor steel bins with locking lids. We will collect the used cooking oil before the container is full to ensure you always have room to your grease recycling. We have perfected our routing system to ensure that no container will overflow.

Used Cooking Oil Pick Up

Grand Natural is committed to improving the environment through oil recycling. We provide our service in a clean manner. We provide a receipt for the quantity of oil we have collected from your establishment.

We recycle all types of used cooking oil or grease that includes vegetable oil, fish oil, chicken fat, pork fat, and bacon grease. Our service benefits your business as well as the community. Oil and grease collect in the grease traps and over time; the accumulation creates back-ups. This can be prevented through oil recycling.

We believe in sustainability, which sets us apart. We convert the waste oil into something usable, biodiesel. This process reduces our dependency on fossil fuel in order to maintain the health of the planet.

Grease Recycling & Trap Cleaning

Aside from our used cooking oil pickup services, we also offer grease recycling trap cleaning. We clean your grease trap and dispose of the water, waste, recycle grease and solid accumulation Our technicians are trained to remove the deposits and pump them out of the trap. Removal of fats, oils and grease will prevent the clogging up of outbound lines that can lead to expensive problems in the future. If the FOGS are left untreated, it could produce unpleasant odors.

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Grand Natural also provides additional services in selected areas. Other services include power washing, jetting and hood cleaning. We help restaurant owners keep their kitchens clean at all times.

If you are interested with our services, contact us today and we will schedule an appointment to come and meet with you. We will show you the benefit of oil and grease recycling and how it can help your business and the community.

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