Grand Natural started with a targeted focus - establish a vast network of reliable and respected restaurant cooking oil haulers around the United States. Since inception in 2006, Grand Natural has become the single largest network of yellow grease renderers in the country. To date, we proudly service over 4,000 clients in 40 states.

This rapid expansion would not have been possible without the innovative and sustainability focused Team at Grand Natural. In order to meet our seemingly ever-expanding client base, our team rapidly designed and developed a comprehensive & proprietary customer management system. Our system allowed for our Team to automate the application, management and reporting processes which enabled us to provide unparalleled service to our valued clients.

As operations continued, we were frequently asked to also provide supplemental, industry-related services as well. To meet such demand, and to fill the gap in the market, the Team at Grand Natural worked tirelessly to develop our propriety application, Grand Natural EcoSystemTM.

The GNI EcoSystemTM application is a revolutionary, all-in-one restaurant waste management solution. Our technology empowers business owners to view reports, categorize receipts, and request service in one very user-friendly platform. With the launch of EcoSystemTM, our ability to provide relevant and essential waste management services increased ten-fold.

Our mission now has evolved into developing a national restaurant waste management services network, capable of providing restaurant owners and food producers with customized solutions capable of minimizing costs and improving profit margins. Our Team will search our vast network for the best priced and highest-quality service providers in the nation. Once you've worked with us, you'll truly understand what it is like to have a company care about your business as much as you do.

Reliability sets us apart; sustainability empowers our growth.

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Simplicity at Your Fingertips



Don't have time to make a call. We understand. Our application allows you to request service with one single tap of a button.



Every service performed by Grand Natural will be logged in your EcoSystemTM. No more searching for service reports or manifests.



Take care of current billing & view all previous payments made, services performed, and upcoming expenses to keep you ahead of the curve.

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The Best Prices. The Best Service.

We aim to perfect waste management strategies according to your needs. Partnership with Grand Natural's waste management program means focusing on environmental responsibility with corporate financial needs in mind.

Grand Natural enjoys being part of the landfill solution. Our commingled recycling plants across the U.S. enable us to divert the waste stream from landfills into recycling plants, enabling us t offer rebates for some commodities.

The recyclable commodities come in the form of mixed compactor loads, super sandwich bales, down to bins for segregating recyclable commodities.

Our program becomes an All Win, No Lose situation for all concerned. Corporate solid & medium-viscosity waste removal costs decrease. The type of service rendered is vastly improved. Each new program implemented is researched and designed to meet specific needs. This assures the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost.

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Our Mission is to Make Things Simple

We have built the nation's largest network of restaurant waste solutions providers.

It is with great pleasure that Grand Natural Inc. services thousands of restaurants and food producers nationally. Our relationships with our clients has helped to identify the largest gap in the industry; sheer simplicity.

We felt that we could help.

The Grand Natural Team has worked tirelessly to expanded our portfolio of services and service providers to give restaurant owners the simplicity of having one company to manage everything.

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