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3 Steps to Properly Recycle Cooking Oil

Posted on 2018-10-29 08:00:00 By Greg

With Thanksgiving dinner coming up, we’ll be using plenty of cooking oil to prepare our family’s favorite dishes. But what do we do with excess oil that’s leftover from preparing our coveted cuisine? Read on to learn three simple steps to properly dispose of cooking oil. Our method ensures a cleaner environment, avoids damage to your drains, and promises less mess when cleaning up.

  1. Cool the Oil First

Cooking oil will remain hot after cooking. It’s important to let it cool down to avoid accidentally burning yourself. Depending on the portions of your meals, you may need to wait a few hours for the cooking oil to become completely cooled. If you have a large amount of cooking oil leftover, consider leaving it out overnight. If only a small amount remains, you can leave in the pot/pan and wiping it out with a paper towel when it’s cool.

2) Use Container with Lid

We recommend using plastic cooking containers with a resealable lid. It’s much more safe. (If you use glass containers, there’s a chance it could drop and shatter!) After you have poured the oil into the container, we recommend labeling it something like: “old cooking oil” to avoid accidentally using for your next meal.

3) Dispose into the Trash

Throw the plastic container into the trash, and make sure it’s sealed off to avoid seeping out. Make sure you don’t pour the oil directly into your garbage can. This can attract rodents and other household pests. As a takeaway, remember, don’t ever pour the oil down your sink. When cooking grease solidifies, your sink and pipes will become blocked, which can lead to sewage backups. (Not a great way to spend your holiday weekend!)

Grand Natural Inc. for Cooking Oil Collection

Whether you’re making a family friendly meal or you’re the CEO of your own restaurant and have large amounts of excess oil, it’s important to dispose of cooking oil quickly and properly. In addition, it’s beneficial for our environment. Used cooking oil can be converted into biofuel, which is a great source of clean burning fuel for most diesel engines.

If you or anyone you know needs help with disposing cooking oil, contact our team at Grand Natural Inc. We’re located at 135 South Lemon Street Orange, Ca 92866. Give us a call today! 1 (855) 519-5550

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