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High Pressure Line Jetting

Either on an emergency or routine basis, some sewer lines need to be cleared using hydro flushing or line jetting.

Line jetting or Hydro flushing are interchangeable terms for many. However, Line jetting is for sewer lines 3 in diameter or smaller. Hydro flushing is for 4 lines or bigger. Careful attention is needed, along with the proper equipment to see optimal results from this sewer line clearing process.

Grand Natural provides expert service and up-to-date equipment to meet the challenges posed by blocked sewer lines. We have the equipment to do all size sewer lines, with high strength yet flexible hoses delivering high pressure water to tube and pipe interiors to clean grease and sludge without removing surface metal or damaging your pipes.

At supersonic speeds, low-volume, high-pressure water delivers its cleaning energy into most inaccessible areas, blasting away stubborn deposits. In many instances, it's the only cleaning solution.

Grand Natural recommends annual Line Jetting / Hydro Flushing program as a complement to a scheduled preventative maintenance program. This program should include regularly scheduled grease trap cleanings for all food service establishments. Maintaining a scheduled maintenance program will help alleviate emergency calls, prevent sewer backups, and help avoid the costly expenses associated with these repairs adding bottom-line savings to your company.

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Striving to provide excellent waste management a service, Grand Natural is working towards finding a solution to the landfill problem while working with corporate financial needs. While maintaining an environmentally responsibly service, we work with your waste removal needs,

With collaborating with recycle plants all over the US, Grand natural is helping to provide an answer to the landfill problem by utilizing services of a recycle plant and diverging away from the waste stream of landfills. By using equipment like mixed compactor loads, super sandwich bales, down to bins for segregating recyclable commodities, we can provide a series of different avenues for our clients to choose from for their specific needs.

We strive to work with our clients for a win-win solution while benefiting the planet without the huge cost to our clients, and cause a decrease in solid & medium-viscosity waste removal. Each program is uniquely designed for your needs with research to provide the best service for you.

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