Customer service FAQs

What is our Eco System?

Grand Natural Inc’s new Eco System is the hub around which our sales team, customer service team, accounting team and operations team come together to ensure our customers are always getting the best service we can provide. The Eco System was launched in the winter of 2016, and has proven a success in serving our restaurant, supermarket and foodservice customers, from independents to national chains, in the manner they expect. This digital online portal will help you keep track of all your business’s location needs and reports.

How do I become a Grand Natural Inc customer?

It’s easy, and our Customer Service Center is ready to help you become part of the Grand Natural INc family. Call us at 855-519-5550, or complete one of the Contact Us forms on our website. You can also reach us during regular business hours via Live Chat on our website, where we can answer any questions you may have, or via social media. We’ve partnered with Hellosign and can sign you up quickly, efficiently and paper-free. If you need to meet with one of our Account Executives, the Eco System and our website can arrange that as well.

Do I have to sign an agreement to become a customer?

We do ask new customers to sign a service agreement, for both your and our protection and benefit. In the majority of cases, no signup fees are involved. Such an agreement provides assurance to our customer that we are their sole service provider, and outlines the service expectations we have agreed to provide. Marking your outdoor tank contents as property of us and our service partners can also help prevent and/or prosecute grease theft.

What does it cost me to be a Grand Natural Inc customer?

In the majority of cases, there is no signup or admin fee for being our customer, although dependent upon market conditions, store location, or other special circumstances, we occasionally may need to charge a small delivery or setup fee. This would be disclosed prior to finalizing any service agreement. We generally do not charge for used grease pickup service under normal yellow grease market and operational conditions. Normally we provide the oil storage equipment at no charge to our customers, often providing them an indoor solution that helps them get the most of any rebate issued.

What if I have an emergency outside of business hours?

Our 855-519-5550 number is answered - live! - 24/7/365, with emergency calls forwarded to our on-call Customer Service representatives. We can often provide trouble-shooting help over the phone that can solve the problem, or get you through to the current or next business day.

My business is getting busier. What if need my UCO picked up more often?

Part of our excellence in providing satisfied customer service is effectively determining a pickup schedule that is tied to a store’s volume, which is most efficient for both us and our customers. If your used cooking oil volume has changed (increase or decrease) since you signed on as a customer, call our Customer Service Center, 855-519-5550. Our phones are answered 24/7/365.

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