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5 Tips to Hire a Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Posted on 2016-10-05 08:00:00 By Bethany

Fats, oils, and grease (known as FOG) build up in restaurants and kitchens over time. If restaurants and other food service establishments don’t use a grease trap and routinely clean it out, FOG products can easily clog sewers and cost the city thousands to clean up.

But just how bad does it get? FOG attaches to the inner lining of the sewer system (and private plumbing systems—yuck!). Left unchecked, FOG buildup can cause a sewage overflow which leads to property damage and a severe inconvenience for city employees and residents.

In 2013, New York City’s Environmental Protection Department logged a total of 15,000 sewage backup complaints, 62% resulting from FOG buildup!

It gets worse. These types of sewage backups ended up costing The City That Never Sleeps a staggering estimation of $4.65 million to clean up. While most cities don’t have 7,500 miles of sewage lines and a heavy reliance on restaurant grease, the point is, FOG wreaks significant havoc on restaurants and cities.

So, what can restaurants do to keep their grease traps clean, avoid hefty fines and penalties, and ensure hardworking employees enjoy a safe and healthy working environment?

Simple. Contact an experienced and professional grease trap cleaning service to clean your traps for you. Here is what restaurant owners need to know when it comes to hiring a grease trap cleaning service for your restaurant.  


#1. Shop Around

Don’t be hesitant to shop around and compare grease trap cleaning services. Were they professional? How many years has the grease trap cleaning company been in business? Do they offer quick and easy scheduling? The more grease trap cleaning companies you interview, the closer you’ll be to finding the right one for you.

#2. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

A quick check with the BBB provides you peace of mind knowing the grease trap cleaning company (most likely) is legitimate. Also, check BBB reviews to see what current and former clients have to say about the grease trap company.

#3. Browse Review Sites

Speaking of reviews, go to reputable review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews to get a better idea of customers’ past experiences dealing with the grease trap cleaning service company.

Be wary of too-good-to-be-true reviews and, of course, “the negative review." One is enough to look elsewhere, but a slew of negative reviews is a huge red flag to restaurant owners.  

#4. Verify Grease Trap Cleaning Company Credentials and Certifications

Usually, cities mandate that only licensed professional grease trap cleaning companies can unclog and clean traps.

That said, check in with the city to see what proper licensing grease trap cleaning companies need to have. Then, verify that the grease trap company has the proper credentials and certifications. 

#5. Whatever You Do, Don’t Go the Amateur Route

While the DIY route may look appealing cost-wise, you’ll end up paying more in the long run with improper, poor cleaning practices.

Not to mention, restaurant owners may be slapped with fines and penalties. Play it safe and only hire a professional grease trap cleaning service with years of experience. 

Interested in a Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Service?

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