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Benefits of Hiring a Cooking Oil Disposal Service

Posted on 2018-07-05 08:00:00 By Jessica Torres

Do you constantly have difficulty disposing of used cooking oil from your business?! Hiring a cooking oil disposal service can be exactly what you need. First and foremost, it’s a FREE service. FREE regular pick-ups facility and FREE grease bins facility. It can also save you time/money, help maintain safety and cleanness, and greatly benefit your business and community.

Especially in the restaurant industry, cooking oil plays a huge role in work-related injuries. Workers constantly slip and fall due to oily floors because the oils were not contained or disposed correctly. You also save employee work time that is used to dispose the oils. Giving the responsibility to a cooking oil disposal service can help prevent you from losing money and help keep your employees safe.

Aside from keeping your business and employees safe, using a cooking oil disposal service can also keep the community safe.  Taxpayers and the government frequently have to deal with overflowed or clogged sewers. Approximately half of the sewage blockages in the United States are attributed to incorrect oil disposal. Unsanitary cities can create and foster diseases that affect human life. Partnering up with a cooking oil disposal service can help you keep your city clean and promote a higher standard of living.

Globally, we are having issues finding sustainable alternative fuels. The alternative fuel, Bio-diesel can be made from cooking oil. One gallon of cooking oil can be converted into one gallon of bio-diesel. This is a huge plus for the environment and global warming. Using bio-diesel releases Co2, which then feeds plants, shortly after plants can be made into different kinds of cooking oils (sunflower seed oil, olive oil, corn oil, etc.) If we invest in this reusable and recyclable way of using cooking oil, we benefit our present and future world.

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