Grease Trap Cleaning

Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance at Restaurants

Posted on 2019-03-13 07:00:00 By GREG

It’s no secret for restaurants, cafes or diner owners and employees that with cooking large volumes of food a lot of greases, fat and oil can build up in the building’s pipes. That’s why they all install grease traps in the sewage systems that collect these elements and prevent them from getting in the drains. Without them, a large amount of grease and oil that gets in the pipes can clog them and lead to a range of unwanted problems.

The grease traps should be serviced on a regular basis to ensure its smooth operation, healthy environment, and trouble-free pipework. You shouldn’t wait till the grease trap gets full, it’s recommended to carry out grease trap cleaning every one to three months. Regular grease trap cleaning has multiple benefits and will help the continuous work of your restaurant.

Prevent Build-Up

The grease collected in your grease trap takes a while to decompose and if left there for a long time, it can lead to clogging and even damage of the system. Alternatively, the functionality can reduce. Therefore, cleaning your grease trap on a regular basis can potentially save you money on the maintenance. You will prevent the build-up, bad smell and unpleasant environment in your kitchen.

Protect the Environment

Grease trap cleaning can also help protect the environment which is a crucial issue nowadays. A grease trap that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time can develop blockages and leakages which are very harmful to the environment. The waste from the grease trap is hard to dissolve and can cause damage if it leaks out.

Avoid Sewer Problems

Grease traps are a part of the sewer and drainage systems and if they are too full, the waste from them can block the system and damage the plumbing. It may require emergency plumbing maintenance and you will have to shut down your restaurant for some time. Not only will you lose a day or two of business, but also you’ll bear significant costs for the system maintenance. Regular grease trap cleaning potentially can save you a lot of money.

Maintain Kitchen Hygiene

Once the grease trap is full, the oil can start dripping from it down onto people's clothes, the floor and even in the food. It also develops a bad smell and can be full of germs leading to health issues of your employees or even your customers. Grease trap cleaning and regular maintenance will help you prevent an unhealthy environment, or maybe even avoid a lawsuit.

Keep Up with Regulations

For the harmful and damaging qualities of the waste in a grease trap, there are regulations that restaurants have to follow implying a regular grease trap cleaning to prevent damages. If you fail to follow these regulations, you may encounter large fines from the authorities.


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