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Why You Should Have Your Grease Collected

Posted on 2017-05-05 08:00:00 By Bethany Michaels

It has become a recent trend (a good one in our opinion) that everyone has become more environmentally aware and doing what he or she can to improve their green footprint. Whether it’s buying an aluminum water bottle so you don’t use plastic, or starting to recycle, we can all do our part to better our beautiful earth.

If you’re an avid foodie who enjoys cooking for others or just for yourself, you probably recycle left over’sU or containers, but have you thought about collecting your grease? What does that look like? Think about it - what do you do with the left over oil in your pan or pot? Where does that bacon grease from this morning’s brunch go? Probably right down the drain, which later goes into our water and ultimately will plug up your pipes due to too much build up.

Luckily, at Grand Natural, we’ve created a network of reliable restaurant cooking oil haulers to help with disposing, collecting, and picking up unwanted grease from your home or work place. The only thing step you need to take, is simply collecting liquids that are no longer needed.

Why Collect Grease at All?

Keep Your Pipes Clean

With pouring grease down the drain, you have the possibility of clogging up your kitchen pipes which can lead to blockage.  This later leads to the potential of hiring a plumber and having your pipes cleaned, or even replaced due to the damage.

Reduce Environmental Waste

If you aren’t clogging your pipe, you can send that grease down to the sewer and maybe into our water supply and the ocean. Need we say more about the damage leftover cooking grease can do to our environment?

Collecting grease in a safe way, and disposing of it effectively will ultimately help he environment and make the world a cleaner place. It’s a quick and easy way to improve not only the quality of your home or work place, but also the quality of our world.

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