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Grease Trap & Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services in Orange County

Posted on 2019-01-16 08:00:00 By Greg

When you’re in charge of a commercial kitchen, you’ve always got a full plate. After a day of managing employees, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring that the inventory is stocked, the last things you want to be dealing with are cleaning up used oil and emptying the grease traps.

Grand Natural makes kitchen grease management easier than ever. Let our service team handle the dirty work – in an eco-friendly manner – so that you can focus on more important tasks that make your kitchen a success.

We Provide:

  • Professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Used cooking oil pickup services, scheduled to meet the unique needs of your commercial kitchen
  • Your choice of complimentary indoor/outdoor grease collection bins
  • Sustainable recycling services, turning your “waste” into Earth-friendly fuel and electricity
  • Access to our EcoSystem™ app, where you can request new appointments, view service reports, and handle billing through one simple and convenient interface.


A Smarter Solution For Kitchen Grease Management

From vegetable oil to animal products, grease is an inevitable byproduct of cooking in just about every kitchen setting. That’s why commercial-use kitchen equipment is fitted with grease traps (typically required by law), which prevent fat, oil, and grease (or “FOG”) from entering your drainage system – where they can clog pipes or cause harm to the outside environment.

But while grease traps are great at catching stray bits of fat and oil, they can only hold so much material at a time. They need to be emptied periodically – raising the question of what to do with the grease you’ve collected. Rather than tossing it into the garbage and adding to your carbon footprint, why not have it collected and recycled into biofuel and electricity?

At Grand Natural, we’ve created the largest nationwide network of yellow grease renderers in the country. Our team finds the best-priced and highest-quality service providers in your area, and our technology empowers business owners and managers to take control of their waste management without getting into the muck themselves.

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