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How To Choose The Right Restaurant Hood Cleaning Company?

Posted on 2019-03-20 07:00:00 By GREG

Hood cleaning might not be the most romantic part of running a restaurant, but it’s just as fundamental as clean cutting boards, quality ingredients, and professional chefs. It’s also a job owners and managers entrust to another company. That being the case: how can you choose the right restaurant hood cleaning company?


Hood cleaning is more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

Accumulated grease is a tricky beast that demands tough love, proper equipment, the correct use of chemicals and solutions, and expertise. Improper handling of greasy hoods can force grease further into the ducts and other nooks and crannies above and behind the hood system, leading to a complicated situation.

Experience is the way to avoid this. The right hood cleaning company has experience handling hoods, ducts, and greasy situations of all kinds, and knows how to safely and effectively get hoods clean - inside, outside, and everywhere else.


Restaurant managers are busy people, period. Running a restaurant is a demanding and tough job that requires they be poised, moving, and attentive constantly. Which is why when it comes to outside services, they don’t need any additional stress or doubt - they get enough of that between deliveries, staff and customers, and all the other unexpected events that happen throughout the day.

A good hood cleaning company knows this, and maintains this awareness as a key part of their business relationship with a restaurant. This means showing up on time and on the right day, no missed appointments, consistent quality, and no additional worry or consideration needed from the restaurant manager.

Customer service

Tradesmen often get a bad rap for having bad attitudes - sometimes unfairly, sometimes fairly. Whatever the case may be, good hood cleaning companies integrate professionalism and friendly customer service into their work. They show up at the restaurant on time and with a smile on their face, get their job down without stepping on anyone’s toes, and leave the kitchen with a friendly handshake and positive wishes to the team that will be using the hoods they just cleaned.

Choosing the right hood cleaning company means taking these three points into consideration. It can be tricky to find a service that brings all three to the table, but once they do, restaurant managers will know they’ve found a working relationship they want to make last.

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