Grease Trap Cleaning

5 Tips - How To Make Grease Trap Cleaning Faster

Posted on 2018-07-13 08:00:00 By Greg

Cleaning your grease trap in your commercial kitchen isn’t fun. It’s a major task that your employees hate doing. Unfortunately, that means it may not get done as often as it should, which can create a safety hazard. By making this task faster and easier, you can make it less of a chore and make sure it gets done regularly. Here are five tips to make grease trap cleaning faster.

Assemble a Cleaning Kit

It helps if you have all of the tools you need to clean your grease trap stored in one place. This includes your measuring stick, bucket for removing the waste, scraper to clean the sides, wet/dry vacuum, soap, steel scrubber, etc. Having dedicated items used for cleaning the grease trap makes it easier to know what is needed and where they’re kept.

Provide Clear Instructions

Your employees should know exactly what steps to take in order to clean the grease trap. If they don’t, they may spend time trying to figure out what they need to clean or, worse, not clean the trap correctly. They need to know how to remove the lid and other parts, how to thoroughly clean the trap, and how to re-install everything.

Make it Clear Who is Responsible

Who is supposed to clean the grease trap? If it’s not clear, it may not get done. Make sure employees know who is responsible.

The Log Needs to be Easy to Complete and Read

You’re most likely required to keep what’s called a FOG report by your local health inspector. This report lists when the grease trap was cleaned and who cleaned it. Keeping this log in an easy to find location and making sure it’s clear how to fill it out will make the last step of cleaning the grease trap easier, plus it will help you if there’s any question about your cleaning habits.

Let Employees Know How to Dispose of Grease

You need to make sure you’re disposing of old grease properly. One solution for recycling your grease is Grand Natural. We offer complete grease collection and recycling solutions across the United States. Contact us at (855) 519-5550 or visit our website at

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