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How to Solve Waste Management Issues

Posted on 2016-11-05 08:00:00 By Bethany

From overfilled trash cans to clogged grease traps, out of control waste management issues can send customers running, and it’s no wonder why. Restaurants depend on safe and sanitary conditions for employees and customers. Not to mention, a low grade from a concerned health inspector could decrease sales, dampen revenue, and tarnish a good reputation that took years to build.

Don’t risk a failed health inspection, much less a health epidemic and trail of negative reviews. Here’s how to solve waste management problems and regain control of your restaurant.

Streamline Your Operations

Restaurant owners lead company meetings and track revenue and expenses, among other managerial duties—all while running a restaurant and ensuring quality customer service. It makes sense why waste management can fall by the way side.

Who has time to transport and dispose of grease and other nonhazardous waste materials? And that’s not including the annual city registration and fees. Not to mention, staying up to date on local and state recycling and waste management laws and ordinances.

Save yourself the hassle and (unnecessary) trips to the landfill when you can better put your time towards restaurant growth projections and market strategy.

Long story short, let a professional waste management company handle the logistics and monitor the waste management costs for you.    

Get the Most Cost-Effective, Personalized Program for Your Restaurant

One-size-fits-all waste management programs may not include an individual examination of current recycling and trash processes. Plus, the general cost may not factor your location. And, you could miss out on location-specific features like a personalized recycling program that complies with mandatory local and state recycling standards.

That’s why a personalized, cost-effective program is the best way to go. An experienced waste management company will get the waste-related specifics: type and size of current waste containers, sources of waste, present disposal methods, current transportation and disposal costs, etc.

From there, they’ll design an individual recycling and waste management program that meets your unique business needs. No “single-method billing” and always a client-tailored, timely statement.  

Interested in getting your waste management under control minus the extra work? Be sure to contact Grand Natural Inc. to learn more about our tailor-made waste management programs

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