Cooking Oil recycling

How Used Cooking Oil Benefits Businesses

Posted on 2018-04-10 08:00:00 By Jessica Torres

Bio diesel is renewable and clean burning fuel that is made from waste vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease for use in diesel vehicles.Here is how used cooking oil disposal can help your business and your local community.

Cost savings

Improve your bottom linethrough cost savings from improved purchasing and preparation practices and reduced waste disposal fees. Improving your cost savings and can help you run your business smoother without constant trouble of sewage and oil maintenance.

New jobs

Cooking oil disposal benefits American businesses and the national economy. It creates new job opportunities and keeps our energy dollars U.S based instead of imported petroleum diesel. Creating more jobs in your community will bring more people to your city and create more demand for your product or service.

Clean Environment

In the long run, what is going to help your business the most is having a clean environment to live in. Fortunately, bio diesel emissions are 90% less toxic than petro-diesel and will reduce incidents of health hazards. Bio diesel also increases engine life and can be used to replace sulfur, the acid-rain-causing lubricating agent in petroleum diesel. Overall Bio diesel is considered a very green fuel alternative that can help keep the environment clean!

Through your own personal cost savings, the creation of new jobs in your community, or keeping the environment clean, used cooking oil from your business can help boost your community in multiple ways. 

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