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4 Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Your Restaurant

Posted on 2019-08-02 07:00:00 By Greg

Cleaning is essential for all kitchens. You don’t want to produce food in an unsanitary environment, as you might be risking disease. However, it’s especially important for commercial kitchens. They have government requirements which they need to meet. If they don’t fulfill these obligations, they could get shut down. To prevent this from happening to you, let’s look at four tips you can use when cleaning your kitchen.

1. Use a Checklist

Consistent cleaning is the key in a commercial environment. Ideally, a clean-down should be done after each shift. To increase your efficacy, you should create a checklist when cleaning to prevent certain areas from getting neglected. It will also ensure that no one forgets to clean areas. By doing this, you will prevent dirt and grease from building up. As well as a daily checklist, both a weekly and monthly checklist can be used. For some of the items, you should include on the list, visit this website: https://www.thebalancesmb.com/restaurant-kitchen-cleaning-list-2888798.

2. Use Steam to Clean Grease

Often, one of the best ways to dislodge grease is by applying steam. To prevent grease build-up from becoming difficult to remove, you should incorporate this into your hood cleaning. Also, you can use a combination of steam and warm, soapy water to wash the grease off the wire mesh that covers the extractor fans.

3. Display Used-By Dates Clearly

You should know when everything in your kitchen expires. If you accidentally serve expired food and someone gets sick, you could be in serious legal trouble. For this reason, you should regularly go through your freezer. Check that all the containers that you are using are in good condition. If a vessel has a cracked lid, it should be replaced. The expiration dates should be written on the outside of food containers. By making this a regular part of your routine, you will be able to ensure that all the ingredients you use are as fresh as possible.

4. Use a Grease Removal Service

In a commercial kitchen, you produce loads of grease. If you don’t have a reliable way of removing this, it will quickly build-up, increasing the risks of a fire occurring in your kitchen. It will also make it harder for you to keep your kitchen clean. If you don’t want to do this job yourself, there are multiple services that you can use. Usually, you establish a date and time that’s convenient for you. Many companies install grease traps, which will more effectively collect your grease. They will also come and clean the grease trap, allowing you to reduce the environmental impact of your restaurant. You can read more about our service, which is used by hundreds of other restaurants here.

From restaurant hood cleaning to stocking your fridge, there are plenty of things that commercial kitchens need to consider. We’ve looked at four ways that you can simplify the cleaning process. So, make sure that your restaurant is clean today. 

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