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Used Cooking Oil & Grease Recycling

Posted on 2017-09-05 08:00:00 By Caroline LaPlant

While used cooking oil and grease are not technically considered hazardous waste, it is important to recycle and dispose of these materials correctly.

Instead of proper recycling, many restaurants and kitchens opt for a quick fix: pouring oil and grease directly down the drain. Doing so is terrible for both the environment and the plumbing system because over time, the small particles of fat and grease stick to the pipes and build up. They continue to collect until the mass is large enough to block, and even back up the sewage line. A backed up sewage line is potentially fatal to any business, especially one in the food service industry. 

Why not just place this used oil in the trash? It can be put to much better use. Cooking oil can be converted into biodiesel and used for fuel! This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, is renewable, and is all around better for the environment. It burns cleaner than petroleum diesel and reduces harmful air pollutants that can cause or worsen asthma. This will improve the water and air quality by diverting this waste from land fills.

Proper disposal is better for the environment, prevents sewage line clogs, and if done through us, is free. We offer a cooking oil disposal service in which we provide businesses with top of the line grease bins for no cost. These bins come in many shapes and sizes for both indoor and outdoor storage, wheeled and non-wheeled options, and they all have secure locking lids. We utilize a state of the art routing system to make sure that these never overflow, and we will drain them for you long before you can completely fill it up. We collect and recycle all types of used cooking oil and restaurant grease including vegetable oil, fish oil, chicken fat, pork fat and bacon grease.

So if you operate a restaurant, commercial kitchen, or any business that produces cooking oil and grease, give us a call today. Your plumber and Mother Nature will thank you.

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