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Tips for Disposing of Used Cooking Oil Properly

Posted on 2018-07-25 07:00:00 By GREG

Used cooking oils may not be as problematic as grease when it comes to starting fires, but they do burn much more intensely than many other flammable materials. The bigger danger with these oils is that they can easily clog up the pipes and drains. That’s why you must dispose of this liquid properly. If you’re wondering how to dispose of used cooking oil, here are a few tips.

1. Freeze It

One solution is to pour the used cooking oil into a can and then put it in the freezer. Once the oil has frozen solid, you can dump it out of the can and into a plastic trash bag. However, you don’t want to fill the trash bag too full since the oil will melt and could cause the bag to burst. Instead, mix the frozen cooking oil with other waste, including waste that is fairly absorbent such as paper, food, and other such materials.

2. Mix the Oil with Absorbent Materials

You can also mix cooled cooking oil directly into absorbent materials and then throw the mixture into a plastic garbage bag. While home cooks may use something like cat litter, commercial kitchens may have other materials already on hand that will work. Some container packing materials or shredded paper can work very well for this purpose.

3. Things to Never Do

It’s important to remember that you should never dispose of used cooking oil by pouring it down the drain or by putting it into a septic system. The oil can clog up the pipes and can even clog or damage your kitchen’s connection to the city’s sewer mains. Cooking oil should also never be disposed of in compost piles or bins.

4. Contact Grand Natural to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

Grand Natural will collect your old cooking oil recycling to create biodiesel and other materials. This is a type of fuel that is clean-burning, and many service vehicles make use of it. If you’re wondering how to dispose of cooking oil properly, this is one easy solution. Contact Grand Natural today or visit us at 135 South Lemon Street in Orange, California.

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