Cooking Oil recycling

Used Cooking Oil Services Provided by Grand Natural Inc

Posted on 2018-03-05 08:00:00 By Alyssa Chavez

Grand Natural Inc

Food service operations in 40 states around the country; and growing coast to coast, we got you covered. Grand Natural is committed to improving the environment by utilizing renewable resources in order to protect the future of our planet.

All of our used cooking oil is cleaned, recycled, and converted into Biofuel.  Below are the services we provide and don’t provide.

What We Do

The type of oil we collect is used cooking oil and can be any of the following: canola oil, palm oil, soy bean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, and other vegetable oils.

We do offer one time pickups but it must meet qualifications for one time used cooking oil pickup. Please call us to see if we do one time pickups in your area.

We also do grease trap services for our current customers.

We collect Lard and animal fats in select areas call to see if we collect in your area.

What We Don’t Do

We do not dispose of motor oil or any type of automotive oil.

We do not have any drop off locations but you can ask your local restaurant to dump your used cooking oil in their bin.  

We support recycling but we are not a recycling center for anything other than used cooking oil.

We do not provide any other trash services besides collecting used cooking oil and grease trap services.

If you would like to sign up for FREE used cooking oil collection call us at 855.519.5550 or sign up online at 

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