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Used Cooking Oil Theft What to Do About It

Posted on 2018-01-10 08:00:00 By Alyssa Chavez

Yes, that's right there are used cooking oil thieves. They are profiting off of your used cooking oil. People are driving around impersonating used cooking oil businesses.  We have 4 tips to help you protect yourself and your company from them.

1)  Always ask for a receipt and keep it. You need these receipts for your city inspections. If you get a receipt it usually has the contact information from your used cooking oil company. If it does not then you are getting your oil robbed or you may not even receive a receipt.

2)  Check you oil bin frequently. We recommend to call us when your bin is 80% full. It does take 24-48 business hours for us to get out to your location.

3)   Have a lock on your oil bin. We would never cut the lock off or take the bin without letting you know first. Call us know immediately if either of these happen. 

4)   Thieves wear uniforms but drive unmarked trucks write down the license plate and report to the police and us immediately.

Don’t let used cooking oil theft happen to you.  Now you know the signs. Protect your used cooking oil. 

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