Were Celebrating Earth Day April 22

Posted on 2016-12-05 08:00:00 By Bethany

April 22ndmarks the 48th year of Earth Day, an annual event that celebrates environmentalism in the U.S. and around the world. It’s the perfect time to plant a tree, clean up that litter-filled park, and, yes, recycle.

In fact, in a survey, nearly half (47%) associated Earth Day with recycling, something 1 in 2 adultssay they always do—(more incentive to toss that empty cardboard box in the recycling bin).

But did you know there’s more to recycling—and Earth Day—than just reusing glass bottles and soda cans? Yes, besides cardboard, glass, and plastic, you can reuse and recycle grease. This is how we’ll be showing our appreciation for Mother Nature. 

Read more to learn how your restaurant stays cleaner, safer, and greener when a professional hood cleaning company routinely pumps, processes, and recycles accumulated restaurant grease and grime.


Grease Traps Are a Lot Like Your Teeth


Think of your grease trap as teeth. To keep plaque at bay, we need to brush our teeth on a regular basis. Grease traps work the same way. 

When they aren’t cleaned consistently, grease, fats, oils, and other accumulated grime clogs the trap and prevents it from doing its job. Restaurant owners then have to worry about sanitation problems and potential fines. Regular grease trap cleaning alleviates such stress.

But Grand Natural goes beyond this; we not only pump and process the grease but reuse and recycle it. Here’s how the process works.  

Grease Recycling in a Nutshell

Your grease trap cleaning company arrives to the site, cleans and unclogs the trap and pumps the grease-infested liquid, which goes to a treatment plant for processing.

At the plant, sawdust, moss, and wood chips are introduced to the greasy mixture. Much like homemade compost, microorganisms munch on the woody remnants and grease, breaking down and turning the mixture into mulch—which is used for growing food.

From soil retention to weed growth suppression, mulch gives fruits, vegetables and plants a healthy environment to flourish. Surprisingly, you can thank your grease trap for that.  


Final Thoughts: Recycling Grease Helps the Environment

Grease traps aren’t just important but necessary for your restaurant. Like their name suggests, they prevent grease residue from entering our sewer systems and creating a sewer backup and health hazard.

However, there are several recycling benefits when it comes to getting your traps routinely cleaned. Recycled grease from grease traps can convert to mulch—not to mention, grease oil is often used in biodegradable fuel. Both decrease waste and cut down on landfill use.

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