Grease Trap Cleaning

Why Does Your Grease Trap Stink and What Can You Do About It?

Posted on 2019-05-09 00:00:00 By Greg

Anyone who works in the world of professional cookery – and even those lucky few home consumers who have access to a grease trap – will know how downright stinky it can get. There are lots of reasons that this particular kitchen appliance can stench out a room – but what can we do about it? The answers lie in grease trap cleaning... but is that something you are fully prepared for?

Why Does My Grease Trap Smell Bad?

So what are the reasons  that your grease trap has started to stink? Well, although the grease trap has come a long way since its original patent (in the early 1800's by one Nathaniel Whiting (Grease Guardian USA)) but, no matter the technical  advances we make, the contents it is built to hold will always, always, always start to smell bad eventually.

The point of the grease trap is to stop the amount of oily debris and greasy gunk in your sink from getting into the sewers and causing you costly drain repair. It starts to smell bad because these greases will start to decompose after a while, rotting as most food does. Depending on what you have been cooking the smell will be worse. Shrimp, for example, make for a particularly pungent grease trap. Without regular servicing and thorough grease trap cleaning this smell will continue to get worse.

It's not just the smell either. Food decomposition leads to all sorts of bacterial growth, mold and even encourages rodents, insects and other pests. Not what you want in your kitchen!

Grease Trap Cleaning Is Essential!

It ought to be part of a routine for any householder – but when your business is the food service industry you may find yourself in violation of the law if you do not have a grease trap or if you do not have a scheduled grease trap cleaning regime. Varying from state to state, these laws were made to protect the clogging of drains and sewers via industrially or commercially produced waste... and if you don't follow the law you could find yourself in trouble. A restaurant owner in NYC will face a $10,000 per day fine for not having the correct equipment! See this article by the Small Business Chronicle for more information.

Grease Trap Cleaning Kills All Those Nasty Odors!

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who finds their kitchen is starting to stink then you may need a grease trap cleaning of your own. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a specialist company that will do the job in much less time, to a higher standard and within compliance of your grease trap manufacturer's specifications.

Cleaning a grease trap is a yucky business. It smells, it contains grainy bits of burnt food waste, it is slimy and oily... don't put yourself through that when you can pay someone else to do it! As an added incentive, grease trap cleaning ought to be performed at least twice a year – but more than that in a professional kitchen.

This will leave your cooking area safe and sanitary; your health intact and your business protected! Schedule a grease trap cleaning today and don't suffer the stink in silence!

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