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Why Filthy Kitchen Vent Hoods are Dangerous

Posted on 2018-07-26 08:00:00 By GREG

One of the most important things you can do as the owner of a restaurant or other location that has a commercial grade kitchen is keep the vent hood clean. When the hood isn’t cleaned properly, it can lead to a number of dangerous situations that can be very dangerous to you, your employees, and even your patrons. Here are a few of the reasons why hood cleaning is so important.

Grease Collects in Vent Hoods

If you’ve ever looked closely at the vent hood, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty gross. That’s because a lot of grease accumulates in it. When you cook, proteins are leased that then accumulate in the vent above the grill. This grease can lead to a fire if enough of it is allowed to collect in the hood. If you don’t make certain that the kitchen hood and all of your other grease traps are cleaned regularly, you could lose your entire building. All the grease needs to do is get hot enough to ignite, and that’s not too difficult since it’s right above the hot grill.

It Presents a Health Risk

In addition to the chance of starting a fire, your kitchen vent hood can also present a health risk to those around it. Once the vent has become fairly clogged with grease, there’s nowhere for more grease, fumes, and smoke to go. These emissions back up into the kitchen, where they can circulate through the building. This can cause breathing issues or trigger conditions such as asthma.

It Could Cost You Money

In addition to physical dangers and health risks, filthy kitchen vent hoods also represent a financial danger to your business. If the health inspector were to do a surprise inspection, it’s likely you would fail if the hood wasn’t as clean as it should be. If you’re not meeting all of the safety and cleanliness codes, it’s also possible you could lose your insurance or see your premium greatly increase. You could also be shut down for several days or more. All of this can result in fines and loss revenue.

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