Grease Trap Cleaning

Why Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Is Important

Posted on 2018-08-07 08:00:00 By Greg

If you own a restaurant or other establishment with a commercial kitchen, it’s very important that you keep your grease trap cleaned. These large kitchens produce a huge amount of food every day, and that means they also produce a large amount of grease. If you don’t clean out this grease on a regular basis, a number of horrible things can happen. Here are a few of the reasons why grease trap cleaning and maintenance is important.

It Smells

All of the grease that builds up in your grease trap will eventually start to smell. It is, after all, a food byproduct, and anything related to food will start to rot and smell over time. As the grease breaks down in your trap, it starts to release an odor that will make your kitchen smell horribly. That smell can even spread out into the restaurant itself, making your customers think twice about eating there.

It Makes Cleaning More Difficult

The longer you wait to clean out your grease trap, the more difficult it will be to do once you do clean it. The grease and other gunk at the bottom of the trap will harden and stick to the walls of the tank, making it very difficult to scrape off. When it reaches that point, your only hope may be to call in a professional grease trap cleaning service.

It Damages Your Pipes and the Grease Trap Itself

All of that built-up grease can cause a number of issues to the tank and the connected pipes. As the food begins to rot, it releases a number of gases. These gases can form into sulfuric acid, a toxic substance that can damage many different materials, including concrete and steel. While plastic grease traps may hold up longer, they will eventually begin to break down, too.

Let Grand Natural Keep Your Grease Traps Clean

Grand Natural is a professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance company that offers a wide range of services for those with commercial kitchens. We can assist you with all of your grease disposal needs, too, and we even have a recycling program in place that reuses old cooking oil. To learn more about our grease trap cleaning services, contact us today or come by our offices at 135 South Lemon Street in Orange, California.

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