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Why You Need Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Posted on 2018-07-05 08:00:00 By Bethany

Why You Need Grease Trap Cleaning Service

If you own or manage a restaurant, you’re familiar with the concept of grease traps, but proper maintenance guidelines might not be so clear. After all, these aren’t fixtures that we generally deal with at home.

Is it really necessary to clean grease traps on a regular basis? And who should you have perform the cleaning? Let’s take a look at the reasons why grease trap cleaning matters:

What Are Grease Traps?

Before we get started, let’s define what grease traps are – and what they aren’t.

Grease traps are regularly installed in commercial kitchens: in fact, doing so is typically required by law. They’re designed to prevent cooking-related fat, oil, and grease (or “FOG”, as they’re often known collectively) from entering your pipes, where they can form clogs and/or enter the sewage system (causing environmental damage).

It’s important to remember that installing a grease trap does not turn your sink into a disposal for kitchen oil and other runoff. While grease traps are great for keeping stray fat chunks and splashes of oil out of your pipes, they aren’t capable of collecting gallons of liquid at a time. Used cooking oil should still be collected in designated waste buckets or barrels and disposed of separately – or better yet, recycled as an extra source of income!

Why Is Grease Trap Cleaning Important?

As mentioned above, an overloaded grease trap is prone to clogging and backing up your drains. Not only is this inconvenient for staff members who need to use the sinks, but it can also form a serious health hazard – especially to the customers whose food is being prepared nearby.

Spills from backed-up grease traps can be very expensive to deal with. If your kitchen is contaminated and it’s unsafe to prepare food, you may be forced to shut down operations while cleaning up. Any restaurant owner will attest that this is an industry with razor-thin profit margins, and closing up shop for days at a time can be catastrophic to your bottom line.


Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Most restaurant owners opt to have a professional kitchen maintenance service come in to perform their grease trap cleaning – it’s cheaper, and significantly easier, than buying and maintaining your own grease-pumping gear and vehicles.

Your service provider should keep a log of each pumping appointment, including the date and a record of how much waste was removed. Doing so will help to strike a perfect balance between the performance of your grease traps and the number of appointments you actually require.

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