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Why You Should Hire A Hood Cleaning Company

Posted on 2017-01-05 08:00:00 By Bethany

Commercial kitchens are held to some pretty high standards when it comes to cleanliness, and for good reason. The safety of your customers (and your employees) depends on fresh, breathable air and uncontaminated preparation surfaces.

Still, there's no getting around the fact that high-volume cooking produces a ton of smoke, grease, and moisture. That's why kitchen ventilation systems are engineered for performance, and subject to food service regulations. But from time to time, they will need professional maintenance.

Here's why you should consider professional kitchen and restaurant hood cleaning;

Stay Fire-Code Friendly

No matter the size or design of your kitchen, hood ventilation generally works the same way:

  1. Cooking releases smoke and oily fumes into the air.
  2. Exhaust fans pull this "contaminated" air from the room, trapping the grime in a filter on its way out.
  3. Other fans pump in fresh, breathable air to replace the air that was lost.

Kitchen hoods are usually placed right over the cooking surface, in order to catch effluent as quickly as possible. The only downside is that this setup puts the filter relatively close to your heat source. If the filter becomes overloaded with grease, a flare-up from the stove can ignite it – and the fire may spread upwards into your ductwork.

To avoid catastrophic grease fires, regular kitchen hood cleaning is extremely important. That's why state and municipal governments set strict laws that cover topics like ventilation cleaning and maintenance, and why organizations like The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publish ventilation and fire code standardsto help you stay on top of these rules.

There are plenty of financial incentives to clean your kitchen hood frequently, too. Having your restaurant shut down thanks to a surprise fire code inspection can lead to fines, or even temporarily having your business shuttered. And you can bet that insurers will hike your monthly premiums as a result.

Improve Your Restaurant's Atmosphere

An overloaded grease filter in your kitchen hood is bad news for the air quality in your restaurant – and not just in the kitchen. As long as you're cooking, the smoke and grime will keep coming. It's all got to go somewhere.

Saturated filters lose their effectiveness at removing runoff from the air. That contaminated air can be dangerous for your staff to breathe in, not to mention the impact it will eventually have on your guests who just want to enjoy a meal in a pleasant setting. Let that atmosphere degrade, and you'll drive patrons away – you may even face health-related lawsuits.

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