Used Cooking Oil Collection And Recycling Service in San Antonio

San Antonio Used Cooking Oil Collection And Recycling Service

Let our San Antonio service team manage your grease needs so you have more time for those things you'd rather be doing.

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Think you don't have room for an indoor tank?  We think you do!

Grand Natural offers the industry's most diverse line of equipment options designed to fit a variety of floor space and oil volume needs.  We work closely with our customers for bin size and location that  won't take up needed room.

Meet the Grand Natural Bin Selections (adding more every day):
Meeting All Your Recycling Needs

Used Cooking Oil Collection in Los Angeles

YOUR fats to OUR biofuels bringing YOUR next food delivery!

Los Angeles recycles Used Cooking Oil for Biodiesel

We mean it when we say our customers' greases and fats can be converted into sustainable biofuels. We transport your animal fats and used cooking oils to one of our three refining facilities where we process the material into clean, safe biofuel. 

  • We own and operate three biofuel facilities 
    two biodiesel and one renewable diesel
  • Our biofuels emit up to 86% LESS carbon dioxidethan petroleum diesel
  • We process 11% of the animal fats and used cooking oils generated in North America

Our proprietary mobile and desktop applications allow you to request and schedule service with the push of a button.Contact us today to find out how your life can become easier by utilizing our online EcoSystem

About our company, Grand Natural Inc

Grand Natural started with a targeted focus - establish a vast network of reliable and respected restaurant cooking oil haulers around the United States & Canada. Since inception in 2006, Grand Natural has become the single largest network of yellow grease collection renderers in the USA and Canada. To date, we proudly service over 5,000 clients in 46 US states and 9 Canadian Provinces.

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Los Angeles used cooking oil to biodiesel

We are always looking for motivated employees who share our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Click the button to explore opportunities with our company.

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