By accepting the terms and conditions, you are hereby authorizing Grand Natural Inc. to contract and authorize our affiliate (hereinafter stated mutually as, "SERVICE PROVIDER "), to collect waste vegetable oil (hereinafter, “WVO”) from your establishment (hereinafter "LOCATION OWNER"). Grand Natural Inc. Pursuant to this Agreement, LOCATION OWNER grants the exclusive right to SERVICE PROVIDER to collect and dispose of the WVO located at the address mentioned above. SERVICE PROVIDER will collect the WVO on a regularly scheduled frequency which will be determined by LOCATION OWNER’S usage tendencies.

SPECIFICATION OF WVO: WVO shall refer to the residual of all vegetable-derived oils utilized by LOCATION OWNER in the course of preparing and cooking foods. These would include deep fryer oil and oil used to prepare or cook food on any grill, griddle, frying pan, fryer or wok. WVO does not include water or material from grease traps.

SPECIFICATION: The LOCATION OWNER agrees to: (1) keep the WVO containment unit in a safe location and environment, (2) keep the WVO containment unit covered and locked at all times, and (3) only dump fryer oil into the WVO containment unit (NO grill scrapings, trash, rags, grease trap materials or any other foreign objects). LOCATION OWNER assumes all liability for supplied oil container(s) and agrees to hold SERVICE PROVIDER harmless from all claims while supplied container is in LOCATION OWNER's possession. If the container contains anything other than fryer oil, SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to refuse collection of the location's WVO. LOCATION OWNER acknowledges that by allowing water and/or detergents to mix with the WVO, or by allowing extraordinary amounts of food matter to remain in the WVO, the WVO may become contaminated and rendered worthless.

TERM OF AGREEMENT: This Agreement shall remain in effect for 24 months. Thereafter, the Agreement will automatically renew with the same duration and terms under this Agreement unless terminated by certified written notice thirty at least (30) days prior to the expiration date. Grand Natural Inc. reserves the right to change contractor at any time, and will immediately notify LOCATION OWNER if so is done. If contractor is changed, the new contractor will assume the entire responsibility for providing the services herein and will remain the SERVICE PROVIDER for the remaining duration in which this Agreement is in effect.

CONTAINMENT: Containment unit(s) and contents are deemed leased, at no charge, to LOCATION OWNER until the end of the agreed term. LOCATION OWNER agrees to return supplied containment unit(s) or reimburse SERVICE PROVIDER for containment unit(s) which are not returned at the end of the agreed term at the following rates:

AGREEMENT PROVISIONS: The LOCATION OWNER may terminate this Agreement if SERVICE PROVIDER fails to perform its obligations hereunder; provided, however, that LOCATION OWNER will first (a) provide, through certified mail, a written notice to SERVICE PROVIDER of such breach ('Notice of Breach') and (b) allow SERVICE PROVIDER seven (7) days from receipt of such Notice of Breach to cure such breach. If SERVICE PROVIDER fails to cure the breach within the allotted time, this Agreement will terminate, without penalty to LOCATION OWNER, on the 30th day following SERVICE PROVIDER’S receipt of the Notice of Breach.

In the absence of a Notice of Breach, this Agreement may not be terminated and the exclusive collection arrangement may not be breached prior to the completion of its term except by certified written Notice as mentioned above or as otherwise provided herein. LOCATION OWNER acknowledges SERVICE PROVIDER assumes a significant financial burden in the acquisition and deployment of the WVO containment unit; therefore, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the amount of $1 per day for each day remaining in the initial term of the Agreement will be paid to SERVICE PROVIDER if the Agreement is cancelled prior to the Agreement’s expiration date if done so without credible cause (Notice of Breach) provided by LOCATION OWNER.

CANCELLATION NOTICE TO CURRENT/FORMER SERVICE PROVIDER: LOCATION OWNER will be authorizing SERVICE PROVIDER to send a notice of cancellation on your behalf to your current/former UCO service provider. The standard form will read, “Effective today, please cancel your waste oil removal service for the following location and remove us from your routing schedule. Please remove all of your containers from our location within 10 business days of receipt of this notice. In the event that you fail to pick up all of your containers within this time period, we will consider the containers and any waste cooking oil contained therein unauthorized, abandoned and trespassing on our property and impinging on our ability to effectively conduct our business; and we will take the necessary steps to report to the relevant authorities that your containers, and the potentially hazardous waste therein, have been abandoned and that you have failed to remove them safely from our property. You are not authorized, under any circumstances, to place any additional containers at the address listed above.”

APPOINTMENT OF AGENT TO REMOVE OIL FROM BARRELS WAIVER: LOCATION OWNER will be authorizing SERVICE PROVIDER to (where applicable) to have the oil held in existing competitor barrels (on site) removed by SERVICE PROVIDER. The standard form will read, “The undersigned is an authorized officer of “Restaurant name” (hereinafter, “Company”). The Company is the legal occupant of the grounds located at “Restaurant Address” (hereinafter, “Premises”). The Company has waste vegetable oil barrels (hereinafter, "Barrels") located on the Premises, and the oil from these Barrels needs to be removed for safety and/or health reasons. Prior to the date of this Appointment, the Company has attempted to give their current service provider (hereinafter, “Barrel Owner”) notice of its intent to have the oil in the Barrels removed. Company hereby appoints Grand Natural, Inc. and its affiliate (together, hereinafter stated mutually as, "Service Provider"), to act as the Company's agent to remove an estimated “amount of oil on-hand stated on new account form” gallons of oil from the Barrels. Furthermore, the Company agrees to indemnify and hold SERVICE PROVIDER harmless for any damages it incurs in the event of claims by Barrel Owner against SERVICE PROVIDER for such removal.