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Used Cooking Oil Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Recycling Cooking Oil?

It might look like waste, but used cooking oil is actually an important commodity. It's used to make everything from soaps and detergents, to fuel for biodiesel engines. And by recycling your cooking oil, you can turn that yellow grease into Dzliquid golddz- another source of revenue.
Recycling your cooking oil is also a great eco-friendly alternative to tossing it in the garbage, or to pouring it down the drain. Grease can be very harmful to pipes and sewer mains, and its safe disposal is generally subject to strict laws and regulations.

How Do I Collect Cooking Oil In My Commercial Kitchen?

All commercial cookers should be outfitted with grease traps, designed to catch and collect as much oil and solid fat as possible. Never pour cooking grease down the drain, as it will easily clog up pipes and cause other damages, perhaps even earning you hefty fines from your local government.
Grand Natural's kitchen oil collection services can handle the dirty work for you. We'll provide you with indoor rolling bins or outdoor steel bins with locking lids -your choice - into which oil from your kitchen can be gathered. We also schedule periodic pick-ups to occur before your container is full, ensuring that you'll never run out of room for your grease collection.

What Happens To My Oil After It's Picked Up?

Once our service technicians have collected the used cooking oil from your location, it's taken to one of the processing facilities in our nationwide network.
Exactly how your oil is processed depends on your local facility. Some may use an anaerobic digester, in which microorganisms break down the fats and produce biogas, which can be used to generate electricity and heat. Others may filter and process the oil into biodiesel fuel, which can power cars and burns cleaner than petroleum-based diesel.

Can I Recycle Cooking Oil At Home?

The simple answer is Dzsort ofdz. While Grand Natural is unable to collect cooking oil from homes, you can always save cooking grease in a clean can, and set it aside in a cool place. Do your best to strain out food particles, as these encourage bacterial growth. Used cooking grease can often be re-used a few times to fry things like meat and potatoes, but eventually it is likely to go rancid - use the Dzsmell testdz and your best judgment here to decide when to stop frying with it.
Grease that you no longer wish to use should be secured in a closed container and disposed of in the garbage. Avoid adding it to compost piles, as it does not break down well and can attract vermin. Town/city governments and fire departmentswill sometimes offer grease collection, especially around the holiday season.

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