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How Often Does A Commercial Kitchen Extract System Need To Be Cleaned?

Posted on 2018-09-19 08:00:00 By GREG

There are many different parts to a commercial kitchen, and many of those parts need to be regularly cleaned. Your kitchen’s extract system is one of those areas. This system catches all of the grease and smoke produced in the kitchen, clearing it away so your kitchen staff can work in a clean space. Most of this grease gets captured in the canopy over the cooking surface, but that’s where it will stay unless you clean that area.

How Often Should the Extract System Be Cleaned?

This is the key question—how often do you take the time to clean out all of that accumulated grease and other gunk that has collected in the hood and up in the ductwork? The answer is that it often depends on how often you use the cooktop and what types of food you’re cooking. If you cook greasy hamburgers every day, the extract system is going to get clogged up a lot quicker than it would if you were making pasta. Even still, it doesn’t take very long for the extract system to get backed up.

In most cases, you need to make sure the extract system is cleaned once a month. If you regularly cook really greasy foods, you may need to clean it out every other week. Even if it’s not completely necessary, cleaning the system every few weeks can make it easier than dealing with a huge mess at the end of the month.

Why Is it Important?

If you don’t keep your kitchen extract system clean, it can actually create a fire hazard. It also makes your system work less efficiently, which can cause smoke and grime to back up into the kitchen. If a health inspector drops by, you may also find yourself fined or even temporarily shut down if the system is filthy.

Have the System Professionally Cleaned

Did you know that Grand Natural offers kitchen extract system cleaning and grease collection services? We will professionally clean your hood vent, collect and remove grease and other wastes, and make certain that everything is working as intended. If you’d like to know more about what we offer, contact us via our website or visit us at 135 South Lemon Street in Orange, California.

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